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OVM2.1.1 to UVM1.0EA Migration Script

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About This File

In 90%+ of the cases the simple search/replace ovm* with uvm* will work to get you from OVM to UVM.

Heavy OVM users (callbacks) or legacy ones (avm*, urm*) could use a more precise migration which will indicate deprecated types, deprecated macros, method signature changes etc.

The attached refactoring script contains all the differences between OVM2.1.1 and UVM1.0EA. The last few lines are text "ovm*" to "uvm*", the rest are:

  • removed macros
  • removed classes
  • removed fields
  • removed methods
  • renamed macros
  • renamed classes
  • renamed methods
  • method signature changes (more/less arguments)
  • macro signature changes (more/less arguments)
DVT helps the OVM2UVM migration, including the capability to apply this or any other refactoring script. For more details: www.dvteclipse.com/documentation/sv/OVM_to_UVM_Migration.html and www.dvteclipse.com/documentation/sv/Refactoring_Scripts.html

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