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SMTDV make your test env more smart 1.0

About This File



SMTDV -Ver 1.1


SMTDV is a lightweight verification framework based on UVM 1.1d,
user can use/override it more easily to set up their verification environment at moudle level(functional check) and
system level(cosim), that also supports 3rd part lib as sqlte3 db to export/import valid transactions.


SMTDV flow overview
kernel: base lib import, UVM_ML, systemc
lib: uvc, common lib as middleware lib
script: call, run, unittest
dpi: 3rd part lib, sqlite3, stl, util lib
designs: DUT
test: test env


Getting Started
1. setup $SMTDV_HOME as default root
%setenv $SMTDV_HOME <smtdv_install_area>
%set $PATH = ${SMTDV_HOME}/script


2. prepare .core file
.core file uses section/token key to define preloading files and simulation args,
that can be read more clear and easily as Makefile


reserved sections
[main] : define os.getenv, and opts
[cores]: import dependey .cores
[systemverilog]: define systemverilog include_files, include_dirs, and lib
[verilog]: define verilog include_files, include_dirs, and lib
[systemc]: define systemc include_files, include_dirs, and lib
[sharedlib]: the sharedlib import as .so or *.a
[ius]: use IUS as default simulator
[mti]: use MTI as default simulator




3. prepare required tool and lib
% python >= 2.7.3
% gcc, flex, yacc, sqlite3,
% IUS >= 13.10, MTI >= 10.4


4. build up 3rd part lib
4.1 sqlite3 dpi interface build/test
%cd dpi/sqlite3
4.1.2 run as systemverilog interface unittest
% cd dpi/sqlite3/test
%python ../../../script/run.py --file test_smtdv_sqlite3.core


4.2 stl interface build/test
4.2.1 stl dpi interface build/test,
stl, it's a raw database to record bus(AXI/AHB/APB) transaction and layer info decoded as package
and frame


%cd dpi/stl
4.2.2 run as systemverilog interface unittest
% cd dpi/stl/test
%python ../../../script/run.py --file test_smtdv_stl.core


5 UVC one on one (Master/Slave) basic test


6 module level test (cdnbus) test

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