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"seed_monitor_on()" globally changes handling of severity Error by use of "set_actions()"

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My SystemC-Code is using messages of severity "Error" to intentionally throw exceptions. Suddenly I realize that no longer exceptions are thrown. Analyzing this issue, I targeted the function in my code "scv_random::seed_monitor_on(true, "../../Source/seedfile.txt");" to be the cause of this. For my current scenario I screwed up the path to the "seedfile.txt" which results in an error in "seed_monitor_on()". In this "seed_monitor_on()" calls the following:
  cannot_open_seed_file() -> message() -> set_actions(SCV_ERROR,SCV_LOG|SCV_DISPLAY|SCV_CACHE_REPORT)
Conclusion at it seems to me: In case of a file not found "seed_monitor_on()" removes throwing off exception ("SC_THROW") in ALL(!) cases of messages with severity "Error". I would consider this to be an unwanted global side effect and probably a bug. Or?

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Dear Frank,

Thanks for reporting this issue! I have reported your issue to the SystemC Verification Working Group. I agree with you that scv_message should not tamper with the default actions for error/fatal messages. I checked the SCV code base by following your track. The actual setting of the default actions happens at the first call to _scv_message::setup() in src/scv/scv_report.cpp lines 96 and 97. By removing these two lines and recompiling/reinstalling SCV, you should be able to fix this issue.

Best regards,

Torsten Maehne

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Hi Frank,


thanks for reporting, I've implemented a patch following Torstens recommendation in the working groups repository. This will be included in the next release which will be alongside SystemC 2.3.2.

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