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ask for help: method 'uvm_config_db' does not work in UVM 1.1


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I test the configuration method 'uvm_config_db' as the following code:


class my_env extends uvm_env;

function void build_phase(uvm_phase phase);


void'(get_config_int("debug", debug));

//set_config_int("inst2.u1", "v", 88);

uvm_config_db #(int)::set(this,"inst2.u1", "v", 9); // does not work !!!!



the method 'set_config_int' works well, but 'uvm_config_db' does not work, why i met this issue ?

note, i use UVM 1.1 lib.

Thanks for your help.


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set_config_int uses uvm_bitstream_t:

typedef uvm_config_db#(uvm_bitstream_t) uvm_config_int;

try replacing uvm_config_db #(int)::set(this,"inst2.u1", "v", 9);


uvm_config_db #(uvm_bitstream_t)::set(this,"inst2.u1", "v", 9);

In general, when you face unexpected config_db behavior, I recommend using "+UVM_CONFIG_DB_TRACE" flag.

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