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Simulation hang due to "run_phase" not exiting

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I am working on a UVM testbench. I am getting a hang issue in one of the simulations. I get the following print in the log:

"reporter [TEST_DONE] 'run' phase is ready to proceed to the 'extract' phase" 

Even after this print message,  I see that time is still advancing in the test and it is not proceeding to the next phase. My query is - Does this print message not guarantee that all objections are dropped in the test ? What can be the possible reasons that the simulation is not proceeding to the next phase ?



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The message you are showing indicates only that all run_phases have been completed. It doies not say anything about dropping objections.

Where did you insert the objection mechanism?

Please show some mor code, especiually from the driver and the monitor.

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If all "run_phases" have completed, doesn't it implicitly imply that all objections are dropped ? What can be causing the simulation to still hang ?

The testbench has large number of vendor VIPs/custom drivers and monitors, every component having its own objection mechanism. It is not possible to paste the code here. 

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Try using the 

function void get_objectors( ref uvm_object list[$] )

method to see which component (if any) is still objecting. Although I'm pretty sure that the message you're showing would only print after all objections have been lowered.

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