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Error: (E112) get interface failed: port is not bound: port 'Target1.int_o' (sc_out)


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I have a port defined as 'sc_out<sc_int<1> > outa' in module A, a port defined as 'sc_in<sc_int<1> > inb' in module B, then a channel defined as 'sc_signal<sc_int<1> > sig' in sc_main, then in sc_main 'A.outa(sig); B.inb(sig);'.

Then I got an error message attached below.

Error: (E112) get interface failed: port is not bound: port 'Target1.int_o' (sc_out)
In file: ../../../src/sysc/communication/sc_port.cpp:235

Could you please help? Thanks.

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Thanks for your quick response. Related code is attached below. Could you please help take a look?

(I'm building a simple SoC, all codes will be messy, so just list related codes here)


module A:

struct uart: sc_module
  sc_out<sc_int<1> > int_o;

module B:

  sc_out<sc_int<6> > int_o;
  sc_in<sc_int<1> > int_timer_i;
  sc_in<sc_int<1> > int_uart_i;
  void gen() {
    int_o.write(((int_timer_i.read()) & 0x1) | ((int_uart_i.read() & 0x1)<<1));
  SC_CTOR(tb) {
    sensitive << int_timer_i << int_uart_i;                                                                                                                                                                         


int sc_main(int argc, char ** argv) {
  sc_signal<sc_int<6> > int_vector;
  sc_signal<sc_int<1> > int_timer;
  sc_signal<sc_int<1> > int_uart;
  sc_signal<sc_int<1> > int_uart_pc;
  uart        * target1_uart;  
  tb          * testbench;
  target1_uart = new uart       ("Target1");
  testbench    = new tb         ("testbench");




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Oh Thanks.

I found my issue. I initialized the sc_out port in the constructor of module A.

 SC_CTOR(uart): int_o("int_o")
    int_o = 0;  

After removing that line, the model run successfully.

I notice while we initialize sc_out in SC_CTOR, the sc_out port is actually not bound. So we can't initialize port in constructor.


Thanks again. Regards,



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