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uvm_factory performance improvement for object creation

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As I read the code in uvm-1.2 package, the type override lookup (by uvm_default_factory::find_override_by_type()) seems to be done every time a new UVM object is created.

This really hurts performance because object creation happens most frequently in a UVM environment. 

My idea is: The implementation needs to be changed so that the type override info is put inside each object proxy, instead of a factory's queue (m_type_overrides). When set_type_override_by_type() is called, it sets the override info for every affected object proxy. So when a new object is created, we just use the override info already available inside its proxy to do creation and no more type override lookup needed. The call of set_type_override_by_type() should happen much much less frequently than object creation, I believe.

The override info for each object proxy should have 2 element as below:

  • override: the type that overrides this type
  • override_to[$]: a list containing all types that are overriden by this type. 

so that when set_type_override_by_type() is called, we can traverse all the affected types regardless of the calling order of multiple calls of set_type_override_by_type(). For example:

  1. set_type_override_by_type(): B overrides A
  2. set_type_override_by_type(): C overrides B

then finally C must override A regardless of 1. or 2. being executed first.


Best regards,


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Agreed, there's a lot of performance lost in the factory, although we usually see that on the name-based side of town (as opposed to the type-based).  Do you have a proposal/code edit that we could inspect and test?  This sounds strikingly similar to an enhancement that we've been looking at on the uvm_callbacks side of town as well.



PS- UVM 1.2 is technically deprecated at this point.  Any changes would actually be ported forward to the next 1800.2 release.

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Hi Justin,

Thanks for your reply. I don't have the modified code yet. But I'd like to make my proposal clearer as below.

The problems with the factory are:

  • An associative array lookup step needs to be done to retrieve instance override info of requested_type:
uvm_factory_queue_class qc;
qc = m_inst_override_queues.exists(requested_type) ?
     m_inst_override_queues[requested_type] : null;
  •  Iterate through m_override_info queue to check for override loop.
  •  Iterate through m_type_overrides queue to check for type override.
  •  Recursive calls of find_override_by_type() for the case of "B overrides A, C overrides B, etc":
(in function find_override_by_type)
// inst override; return first match; takes precedence over type overrides
if (full_inst_path != "" && qc != null)
	for (int index = 0; index < qc.queue.size(); ++index) begin
    return find_override_by_type(qc.queue[index].ovrd_type,full_inst_path);
// type override - exact match  foreach (m_type_overrides[index]) begin
	if (m_type_overrides[index].orig_type == requested_type ||
    return find_override_by_type(m_type_overrides[index].ovrd_type,full_inst_path);

All above things happen for every creation of a UVM object which uses the factory.

So I propose to put type override and instance override information in the type proxy itself (i.e, uvm_object_wrapper), so that we can get the override info directly from requested_type and no more lookup needed. It's responsibility of set_type_override_by_type() to do all the awful stuffs, because this method is called only once for each override setting.

The override info inside uvm_object_wrapper should be:

  •  ovrd_insts [$]: a queue of {<instance-path>, <override-type>} pairs for instance override.
  •  ovrd_type: for type override. Set to this type when the type specialization is created or registered to the factory.
  •  affected_types [$]: a queue of types that are overriden by this type. Used like a linked-list pointer for set_type_override_by_type() to traverse in the mentioned case "B overrides A, C overrides B, etc".

Pseudo code of set_type_override_by_type (original_type, override_type) is as below:

function set_type_override_by_type (original_type, override_type)
	__set_type_override_by_type (original_type, override_type);
	// add original_type into 'affected_types' of override_type

function __set_type_override_by_type (original_type, override_type)
	original_type.ovrd_type = override_type.ovrd_type; // note: ovrd_type defaults to the container type
                                                  	   // until it is overriden.

	// set override for each affected_type of original_type.
	// may be recursive for each affected_type child of that affected_type, ...
	foreach original_type.affected_types[i] {
		if original_type.affected_types[i] == override_type.ovrd_type
			error("Override loop detected");
			__set_type_override_by_type(original_type.affected_types[i], override_type.ovrd_type)


Pseudo code of create_object_by_type (): no more lookup or recursive calls to find the override type.

function uvm_object create_object_by_type (uvm_object_wrapper requested_type,
                                              string parent_inst_path="",
                                              string name);

	// ... code to make full_inst_path from parent_inst_path, etc as in current uvm-1.2 code

	// instance override. takes precedence over type override.
	foreach requested_type.ovrd_insts[i] begin
		if(uvm_is_match(requested_type.ovrd_insts[i].full_inst_path, full_inst_path))
			return requested_type.ovrd_insts[i].ovrd_type.create_object(name);

	// type override
	return requested_type.ovrd_type.create_object(name);


The modification for this point is rather simple, but it may impact other functionalities such as factory.print() and name-based override. So please give me some time to do the modification thoroughly. I'll get back when it's done.

Best regards,


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  • 4 weeks later...

Hi Justin,

As promised, I'd like to release the modified uvm_factory.svh file in attachment for your reference. Please search keyword '//CHANGE' for all the changes made.

I tested it with some simple test cases for type and instance overrides and it works as the old implementation. May need to be verified more.

New data structure of uvm_object_wrapper is as below:

  •   uvm_object_wrapper   ovrd_type  : ultimate overriding type. Initialized to this type. Used to create the object of this type (after no instance override matches).
  •   uvm_factory_queue_class   inst_override  : queue of instance overrides (each override consists of a pair of ovrd_type and full_inst_path). The ovrd_type at which full_inst_path matches with get_full_name() of the object to be created will be used to create that object.
  •   uvm_object_wrapper   direct_ovrd_type  : direct override type, i.e, the overriding type that was set by set_type_override_by_type() or set_type_override_by_name(). Used with affected_types (below) for traversing across type override hierachy (e.g, C overrides B, B overrides A).
  •   bit affected_types [uvm_object_wrapper]  : types that was overriden by this type. Used with direct_ovrd_type (above) for traversing across type override hierachy (e.g, C overrides B, B overrides A).

As explained in previous comment, set_type_override_by_type/name() and set_inst_override_by_type/name() will set the ovrd_type of the requested_type argument. When create_object_by_type/name() is called, the ovrd_type in the object wrapper will be used to create the object handily and least lookup operations needed, as opposed to the old implementation.


Since set_type_override_by_name() and set_inst_override_by_name() allow arbitrary (including wildcards) type names (a.k.a, lookup names) which may not have been registered with the factory, a new class is introduced and the 2 new data members below are added into the uvm_default_factory for this purpose.

class uvm_factory_lookup_type extends uvm_object_wrapper;
	function new ();
		inst_override = new;
	virtual function string get_type_name();    
		return "";
class uvm_default_factory extends uvm_factory;
	protected uvm_factory_lookup_type   m_lookup_type_names[string];
	protected uvm_factory_lookup_type   m_lookup_type_wildcards[string];

Because uvm_factory_lookup_type inherits all the aforementioned data members of uvm_object_wrapper, type and instance overrides which set to a lookup type name is treated just like a normal override setting to a registered type. This makes the implementation cleaner as opposed to the old one where lookup type names and registered type names are mixed together into m_type_names associative array.


Finally, there're some notes with the attached uvm_factory.svh file.

  •  debug_create_by_type/name() methods are not implemented yet.
  •  In old factory implementation, the "override loop" error is checked at run_phase, when the create_object. In new implementation, it is checked when set_type_override_by_type/name() is called, so it may happen in build_phase() and the simulation would be stopped due to "build error" reason.

Best Regards,




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