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Feedback on Formal Syntax

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Hi Forum

I created a browsable grammar of the PSS formal syntax at http://insights.sigasi.com/tech/pss.ebnf.html#constant_expression
The hyperlinks make it easier to explore and verify the grammar. Please let me know if you see any mistakes.

While creating this, I also ran some validations, and found following issues:

* Rule “activity_constraint_stmt”: 'constraint' should be styled as a keyword
* There are two rules called “struct_type”, I assume the one in “B.9 Data types” is wrong.
* Rule “exec_kind_identifier” is also duplicated. This is not an identifier, so I assume it should be renamed.
* Rule “scheduling_constraint”: "," should be marked as keyword
* Rule “constraint_declaration”: allow an optional trailing semicolon? (e.g. as in example Example 3—DSL: enum data type )
* “expression_constraint_item”: shouldn’t the implicand_constraint_item be optional? i.e. “expression [ implicand_constraint_item  ]  | ;”

I also noticed a missing “}” in Example 3 (DSL: enum data type)

Kind regards,

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