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The current implementation of labeling is unintuitive, due to the fact that it allows parts of the labeled hierarchy to go unlabeled. Path statements like foo.bar.goo could have a lot more scopes in between which makes it difficult to reason about it's relation with some_scope.some_other_scope.yet_another_scope. Why not just restrict labeling to parts of the hierarchy that were already labeled?

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From PSWG:

Labeling is a way for the user to distinguish between interface feature and implementation feature of an activity (and thus a compound action). If you restrict hierarchical paths to statements for which every step of the way is labeled, you create tight coupling between the syntactic structure of the activity and it’s use from outside. Of course a user can choose to label any or every statement, but the user can also choose to NOT label a statement, and not expose that detail of his definition. The higher-level description can constrain from above exposed sub-actions or sub-activities, without ruling-out changes in the underlying activity. The rules for hierarchical references in activities are similar in spirit to those in SystemVerilog, where only named blocks define new hierarchical level for path expressions.

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