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making the target reject the initiator

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Your options depend on what you mean by "reject/block".

For example, you can reject the transaction by setting an error response in the transaction.  See IEEE Std. 1666-2011, 14.17 for the available status codes and their meaning.

  // tlm::tlm_generic_payload& trans
  trans.set_response_status( tlm::TLM_GENERIC_ERROR_RESPONSE ); 

Hope that helps,

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11 hours ago, yair said:

in my case it isnt an Error if we try to write to that register, the initiator can try to do write but the target doesnt have to accept it.
i think that the right solution would be to add a condition to the b-transport() method

You would need to describe your actual question in a bit more detail.

  • Is it about the logic inside the target (i.e. not performing the write)?  Sure, you can check the state of the control bit in b_transport before processing the command.
  • Is it about informing the initiator that this happened? Then you need to either use the response status or an extension.


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