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port concatenation during instantiation inside constructor


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I have three modules A,B and C. I want to integrate these three modules inside TOP module constructor.


Now module A has one port sc_out<<sc_uint<2> > out;

       module B has one port sc_out<<sc_uint<2> > out;

       module C has one port sc_in<<sc_uint<4> > in;


Now inside TOP constructor I have instantiated all these three modules A,B and C. And during connection I am doing following-








out1 and out2 both are sc_signal<sc_uint<2> > ;


This is throwing error that concatenation at ports not possible. Is it I am doing something wrong? How to perform these port concatenation directly inside constructor without introducing separate SC_METHOD for that?




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You can't concatenate ports like that - the concatenation operator is not defined for ports, it's defined for data types such as sc_uint, sc_bv, sc_lv.


The best solution is probably (as you hint) to introduce a separate SC_METHOD.


If you don't want to use a separate SC_METHOD, you might be able to do what you want using sc_vector - good luck!



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