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SystemC clock time period

Pruthvi Reddy G

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If you use sc_clock to generate clock signal, it has a period() method that returns sc_time value for clock period:

sc_clock clk {"clk", 12, SC_NS};
cout << clk.period() << endl;

will print:

12 ns

If you design a clock source manually, you will need to create your own API for such queries. 

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Thanks for replay.


If i bind that clk to my sc_in<bool>  clk.


i tried to print the clk.period(); it's giving error because sc_in don't have property of period function.


sudo code::


design.h ->


sc_in<bool> clk


void func(){





in main file 


sc_clock clk{"clk",10,SC_NS)





i tried this one..But it's giving error i.e period is not a member function




Pruthvi Reddy

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