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config_db usage: base class versus derived class objects

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Is it possible to  do a  uvm_config_db::set()  for an  object of derived class type  using the base class handle  and  later do a   uvm_config_db::get()  of same object  using  the derived class handle


Since  a base class handle can be used to point to a derived class object and later typecase, I thought this would work, but doesn't seem to be so.


Any  help will be appreciated?



Here is an example


class  BaseA ;



class DerivedA extends BaseA



1) Set config_db

DerivedA a1;

a1 =  DerivedA::create()

uvm_config_db#(DerivedA)::set(this, "" ,  "myobj",  a1);



2) Get config_db

BaseA  a1;

DerivedA a2;

uvm_config_db#(BaseA)::get(this, "" ,  "myobj", a1);

$cast(a2, a1);
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