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Example from the SystemC Verification Standard Specification doesn't work

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Hello everyone,
I tried to use code from the SystemC Verification Standard
Specification. It can be found on page 46 and reads:


class my_module : public sc_module {
        scv_smart_ptr<int> fsm_state;
        SC_CTOR(my_module) {

       void fsm_state_callback(scv_extensions_if& data, scv_extensions_if::callback_reason r) {
               if ( r == scv_extensions_if::VALUE_CHANGE) {
                       cout << "The FSM state has been changed to : " << data << endl;
                       // write_to_the_database(data);

Compiling this with the respective haeders and libraries, I get the error.
my_mod.cpp: In constructor ‘my_module::my_module(sc_core::sc_module_name)’:
my_mod.cpp:11:42: error: no matching function for call to ‘scv_extensions<int>::register_cb(<unresolved overloaded function type>)’

I already searched for a solution and found that there seems to be a problem with:

pointer-to-member-function vs pointer-to-function are different and incompatible

This seems to be the case here as the definition of the function in the API reads:

virtual callback_h register_cb(
void (*f)(scv_extensions_if&, callback_reason)
) = 0;

In the above example I try to register a pointer-to-member-function to a pointer-to-function which leads to the error (as I understand it).
So is there any known solution to the problem?



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Hi Florian,


you understood the problem correct, it seems the example wasn't tested ("can be performed using code similar to..."). However, a quick solution would be to move the fsm_state_callback function out of the class and thus make it a C-function.

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Hello Stephan,
yes I tried this out, but when moving this function out of the class or keeping it in the class and making it a static member,  I cannot work on any member variables (of objects) of the class.

Regards Florian

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