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Integration of uvm testbench and SystemC RTL.

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Please further explain your question:

  • A system-level in SystemC model is often at a higher abstraction than RTL.
  • Do you mean a UVM-SV or UVM-SystemC testbench?


Please have a look if your answer is in this FAQ


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Hello Sir,


Thanks for reply.


1. It is SystemC reference model.

2. This SystemC reference model need to be verified in UVM-SV testbench.

3. Now my doubt is how to connect this SystemC reference model with the UVM-SV testbench. Both are ready at my end. Here SystemC reference model act as RTL and UVM-SV testbench act as testbench environment for this reference model.

4. Testcases are written in UVM-SV testbench.


Pleasse guide me in this regard. Since i am new to SystemC and integration.



Sunil S. 

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