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Array Assignment in Sequences


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Hi All,


I am seeing following error when I try to assign array values using inline constraints 

Array size's and dimensions are same and array slicing is not there ,but still I see below error.

Can somebody please through light on this error? Also suggest best practices 



class A_seq  extends uvm_sequence #(id_nfc_tx_transfer);
 bit [7:0] data_byte[`MAX_DATA:0] ;
  function new(string name="A_seq");
  virtual task body();
   ///Array Initialization
     for (int i=0;i<=5;i++)
         data_byte= 'hAB;
   `uvm_do_with(req,{ tx_bit_rate_sel ==212;
                                   tx_num_of_bytes == 5;
                                    tx_data_byte    == data_byte

Error :Randomization constraint has this error, which will cause the randomize function to return 0 and no new rand values will be set:

Slices of unpacked arrays are not currently supported in this context
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Is tx_data_byte a fixed-size array?  If you are just trying to randomize the elements, just declare it as rand in the transaction, and remove data_byte, and the constraints, etc.


If its a dynamic array, then use tx_data_byte.size()==tx_num_of_bytes (inside of the transaction class), then you don't have even add it in everytime you randomize the transaction.  Did that make sense?

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