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uvm-systemc status ?

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The Accellera SystemC Verification Working Group is working hard to make a stable release of the UVM-SystemC library and Language Reference Manual.

Standardization of the API is still ongoing and there are still changes proposed to both library as well as LRM. As soon as things are getting stable, we will consider releasing it. Timing will be defined by the Accellera VWG.

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there are two packages available to play around,  UVM_ML_OA  from Cadence




and UVMC from Mentor,




I have tried both and both are quite similar, but I would start with the Mentor  solution ,it is better docmented


And have fun!!!


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This is work-in-progress in the Accellera SystemC Verification Working Group. Too difficult to give any estimations on availability, but I suggest to watch for the announcements around Accellera's DVCon events planned later this year.

Accellera member companies are encouraged to join the working groups to help in the creation, testing and debug of these important functionalities.

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