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connect 12 bit to 16 bit


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I want to design basic computer with systemc and I faced a problem in my code.

The common bus of yhe basic computer is 16 bit and the address register is 12 bit. When i instantiate address register i don’t know how to connect 12 bit to 16 bit. 

AR = new reg12bit ("AR");
(*AR) (inc_ar,ld_ar,clr_ar,bus,ar2buf,clk); 

in the above Piece code the output of my register is 12 bit and the bus is 16 bit.

my idea is i use .range() but .range() just used for variables not ports or signals.

please help me.

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The simplest way is to write a process (SC_METHOD) to copy the values across, e.g.

sensitive << bus;

void copier() {
    myreg = bus.read().range(11,0);

Alternatively have a look at the sc_vector introduced in the SystemC 1666-2011 standard, which was introduced to solve this kind of problem,




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