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IEEE 1685-2014 what is Design Instance


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IEEE 1685-2014 has

component element

which has Instantiations

Under instantiation element there are componentInstantiations, designInstantiations, designConfigurationInstantiations

But there is no mention of designInstance


But following TGI is returning DesignInstanceID



DesignInstantiation don't have element called designInstance so Not sure what DesignInstance is ?


There is DesignInsatatiationID which has DesignRef

This DesignRef is ConfigurableRefType which could be used to get design VLNV



Please let me know if I am missing something






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Hello Sachin,


A designInstanceID is a handle to an instance of a design. As you mentioned, a designInstantiation has a designRef with configurable elements. The designRef and its configurable element values define an instance of the referenced design. You can get a handle to this design instance by apply the function getDesignInstantiationDesignInstanceID to the designInstantiation. You can apply the TGI function getUnconfiguredID on the retrieved designInstanceID to get the designID that matches with the designRef VLNV.


Best regards,


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