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question from uvm1.0ea to uvm1.0

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I met error when try to migrate uvm define phase from uvm1.0ea to uvm1.0.

I used to use "`uvm_phase_task_decl()" in uvm1.0ea.

when I tried to migrate it to "`uvm_user_task_phase(startup1_sync,UvmPhaseSync,prefix)" or "`m_uvm_task_phase" or "`uvm_uver_topdown_phase" or "`uvm_user_bottomup_phase", there is always a error reported that "Error-[MFNF] Member not found : in ****.sv, "comp_." Could not find member 'startup1_sync_phase' in class 'UvmPhaseSync'".

Note : class UvmPhaseSync extends uvm_component.

In uvm1.0ea we use "uvm_top.insert_phase(startup1_sync_ph, start_of_simulation_ph);" to do phase insertion. but in uvm1.0, I found it's "add_phase" in doc "UVM_Class_Reference_1.0.pdf" but its' "add" in its code "uvm_phases.svh".

How can we use this "add" task in my uvm_component class?

I can't use "uvm_top" as the scope.

Any suggestion?

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phasing has changed completely with UVM10 compared to UVM10EA. you should try to map your UVM10EA phasing to the UVM10 predefined phases to make your life easier. if you really require private phases you may want to look at the examples in the developer tree.

for instance here:


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