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SystemC load modules at runtime


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I am currently trying to load modules from external dlls into a systemc application.

Basic info:

compiler gcc (from cygwin) x64 bit

os: windows 7


Also I am using Systemc-AMS but as this appears to be a "problem" with the systemc core I posted it in this forum (feel free to move if inappropriate).


The modules are build as shared libs and can can be loaded without problems (using the LoadLibrary function). While I can connect the ports with signals the runtime complains about "no driver" during simulation.

As the same code compiled directly into the application works I assume it is not a problem with the SystemC code itself but with the core not "recognizing" the modules.


I read on stackoverflow (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13794659/loading-systemc-modules-dynamically-at-run-time) that someone had a similar problem once but no solution was posted.


Has anyone ever done something similar and is able to help?




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