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Nested do in Questasim

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I am using Cygwin to run my commands in a Windows system

So from bash prompt I am runnning the command.So Vsim opens in GUI mode and starts executing my script.


vsim -i -do "source my_script.tcl"

I am running a vsim command like this

vsim -novopt -assertdebug -sv_seed random -coverage -onfinish stop -c -do "echo $Sv_Seed; add wave -r /*; run -all; coverage save -onexit ./coverage_database/my_test$Sv_Seed.ucdb;" my_top -l ./sim_log/my_test$Sv_Seed.log +UVM_TESTNAME=my_test +UVM_VERBOSITY=UVM_LOW

But I am getting a message in questasim


Warning: Ignoring nested -do argument:


This is not taking the do commands in the vsim line.is there any option to solve this issue??

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You need to write your script as a script:


vsim -voptargs=+acc -assertdebug -sv_seed random -coverage -onfinish stop -c my_top -l ./sim_log/my_test$Sv_Seed.log +UVM_TESTNAME=my_test +UVM_VERBOSITY=UVM_LOW
add wave -r /*
run -all
coverage save -onexit ./coverage_database/my_test$Sv_Seed.ucdb;
There is no need to echo the seed - it does that for you automatically. You should use +acc instead of -novopt
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