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inout port binding issue


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Hello all,


I  am trying to bind 'inout' port named sda in two different modules in a  top module. But it is showing the below error  when I am executing it.

Error: (E109) complete binding failed: port not bound: port '_top_.sr0.port_5' (sc_in)


Please find the top module and the two submodules in the attachment.


Thank you.








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Hi Alan ,

I am using an "inout port" between transmitter and receiver . I am connecting the  ports between Tx and Rx in the top module using sc_signal. It is throwing an error  "sc_signal can not have more than one driver" . I have updated the source code in my earlier post .

Thank you:)


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Yes, sc_signal can't be used like that.


If you want to have multiple drivers you'll have to use sc_signal_resolved and probably sc_inout_resolved as well.

Have a look at the Language Reference Manual (which you can download free via the Accellera website),




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