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Dynamic TDF implementation

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I am referring to the Whitepaper:



I tried to call the "allow_dynamic_tdf()" function in the set_attributes callback but it looks it is undefined.


I have systemc-ams-2.0_beta1 Version installed. I thought this proof of concept already includes the dynamic tdf MoC.


Or do I have the wrong understanding?






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The whitepaper was published long before the release of the SystemC AMS 2.0 LRM, so therefore there were some changes in the API. You will find the updated whitepaper in Annex A2 of the AMS 2.0 standard, which includes the updated language constructs. Here you can read that the member functions allow_dynamic_tdf() and disallow_dynamic_tdf() are replaced by does_attribute_changes() and does_no_attribute_changes(). The defintion of these methods are explained in the sections with the corresponding name.

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