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Cadence: Incisive Enterprise Simulator vs. Incisive Unified Simulator - difference?

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What is the difference between Incisive Enterprise Simulator (IES) and Incisive Unified Simulator (IUS)?




If you are from Cadence (or even if you are not), how can I easily find this information on Cadence.com?


(Feel free to embarrass me and show how in a few steps I can find the answer.  I just spent too long looking, with no success.)



Context: I'm trying to determine if some simulations are using a different set of licenses than others.  (subset?, superset?) 



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I think this question, especially for a particular set of product licenses, is best answered by Cadence support.


But the IES vs IUS I can answer here.  IES, the Incisive Enterprise Simulator, has two product configurations L and XL.  The IES-XL is the one you should use if you previously purchased IUS (Incisive Unified Simulator).  IES-XL is a whole superset of IUS and can run any scripts created using IUS.


=Adam Sherer, Incisive Simulation Product Manager

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