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vhdl after construct


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There's no easy equivalent. You could do

int atemp;  // or whatever data type a and b are

void proc() {
    while (true) {
         atemp = a.read();
         wait (10, SC_NS);

sensitive << b;

You might possibly be able to build some kind of wrapper around sc_event_queue




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I've often thought of writing a delayed assignment channel for SystemC. Probably just a new signature for sc_signal::write(...).


Of course that begs the question of transport vs inertial delay, which would be interesting to use. I think both are likely to have their uses.




template<typename T>

class sc_signal_delayed

: public sc_core::sc_signal<T>



    void write(const T& value, sc_time delay, bool transport=true) { ...details left to the implementor... }


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