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peek function for sc_fifo interface

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First, I never use sc_fifo_in<T> or sc_fifo_out<T> ports. Use sc_port<sc_fifo_in_if<T>> or sc_port<sc_fifo_out_if<T>>. The reason for the existence of those two specialized ports was backwards compatibility with SystemC 1.0 (Does anybody still use 1.0?).

Just use the TLM FIFO and the TLM 1.0 interface appropriate to your needs. It's all part of SystemC 2.3.

If you just have to use sc_fifo<> somehow (for what reason I cannot imagine), then derive a new FIFO class from sc_fifo<> and implement your own peek, but it will be non-standard. You could probably add multiple inheritance of the tlm_peek_if<T>.

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