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compiling systemc-uvm cosim test bench with irun


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I'm getting the following compilation error and not quite sure the reason behind this. I would really appreciate any input on this. 


"PATH_TO_MY_TOOL_DIR/uvm_lib/uvm_ml/sc/ml_uvm/ml_uvm_unilang.h", line 52: error: 
          invalid redeclaration of type name "scSessionArgumentsT" (declared
          at line 2347 of
  typedef struct scSessionArguments scSessionArgumentsT;
I'm not sure if there is anything wrong with my tool setup or compilation script. What might be the reason behind this error?
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AFAIK, you are making use of an old, vendor-specific piece of code for multi-language UVM.


Instead, you should have a look here or here or here. Note that although these technologies use various individual standards (UVM, TLM, SystemC, etc.), the overall multi-language offering is not standards based, so these vendors offer different approaches to solve the same problem, and are thus incompatible.


Therefore Accellera Systems Initiative is currently driving the development of a standard supporting multi-language verification. More information on this initiative can be found here.

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