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uvm_queue : Can we have more than one uvm_queue of same item type in our env.

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Want to know whether we can use more than one uvm_queue of same item type in our env. I am facing some issue while doing so.

Consider following example:

// pass_value.sv

//File where uvm_queue is declared and data is passed on to it

//declare 2 uvm_queue of same item type

uvm_queue#(uvm_object) host_q;

uvm_queue#(uvm_object) device_q;

//create a handle to pass the item type by reference

host_q =uvm_queue#(uvm_object)::get_global_queue() ;

device_q=uvm_queue#(uvm_object)::get_global_queue() ;

uvm_object data_h;

//some logice goes here






// get_value.sv

//Another File to extract the data from uvm_queue.

host_q =uvm_queue#(uvm_object)::get_global_queue() ;

device_q=uvm_queue#(uvm_object)::get_global_queue() ;

uvm_object host_rx_pkt;

uvm_object host_rx_pkt;

wait(host_q.size() >= 1);

wait(device_q.size() >= 1);

host_rx_pkt = host_q.pop_back();

// over here host_q.size() become 0 as expected But also device_q.size() becomes 0

device_rx_pkt = device_q.pop_back(); // Since the size of device_q becomes 0 this line gives error msg stating that cannot pop_back() from an empty queue

So i have a doubt whether we can have more than one uvm_queue of same type defined in an env. I feel that they are treated as singleton queue, so it is not correct to do so.

Anyone having experience with this please suggest.

Thanks & Regards


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The uvm_queue::get_global_queue() function returns a shared queue of a particular type. You can create separate queues by using the uvm_queue::type_id::create(...) function.


If your intention is to communicate data between 2 components, it's probably better to use tlm ports.

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