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Implementation of Analysis Ports in Scoreboard

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I am currently implementing a scoreboard that would interface different agents one at a time. Is there a way in which i can only declare only one analysis import which would be reusable for the different agents with different sequence items?

Thanks in advance.

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Given that all of your agents use the same sequence item, you can connect (@ connect_phase) each of the agents' analysis ports to a single analysis export/imp in the scoreboard. That'll work, and easy to implement.

A better and more general approach is to implement a many-to-one "adapter" of analysis ports, then connect all agents to the "many" side of the adapter, and the "one" side of the adapter to the scoreboard.


If your agents use different sequence items, but your scoreboard applies a uniform logic to all of them, then you can have in your scoreboard a single analysis imp, parameterized to a common base class of your sequence items (e.g. uvm_sequence_item).

In this case you'll still need to implement some "adapting" in order to connect an analysis port of type <derived> to an analysis port of type <base>.

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