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Found 2 results

  1. Hi , What is the exact difference between the predefined uvm bit bash and uvm frontdoor sequence. When both the sequence are doing the register access through front door, why is the need of a separate uvm frontdoor sequence ?
  2. Hi all, I met one problem about uvm_reg_sequence, the frame of my code likes as follows: v_seq |--h_seq |--cfg_seq |--bios_r_seq v_sqr |--h_sqr |--cfg_sqr env |--v_sqr |--reg_block_bios test |--v_seq Pieces of codes: test.sv foreach (v_seq.h_seq[i]) begin v_seq.h_seq[i].cfg_seq.bios_r_seq.model = env.reg_block_bios[i]; end v_seq.sv my_hsequence h_seq[]; ... function new(string name = "my_vsequence"); string inst_name; super.new(name); h_seq = new[host_num]; for (int i = 0; i < host_num; i++) begin inst_name = $sformatf("h_seq%0d", i); h_seq[i] = my_hsequence::type_id::create(inst_name,,get_full_name()); end endfunction virtual task body(); `uvm_info(get_type_name(),$sformatf("%0s starting...", get_sequence_path()), UVM_MEDIUM) foreach (h_seq[i]) begin fork `uvm_do_on(h_seq[i], p_sequencer.h_sqr[i]) join end endtask : body ... `uvm_declare_p_sequencer(my_vsequencer) h_seq.sv config_sequence cfg_seq; ... function new(string name = "my_hsequence"); super.new(name); cfg_seq = config_sequence::type_id::create("cfg_seq",,get_full_name()); ... endfunction ... virtual task body(); `uvm_info(get_type_name(),$sformatf("%0s starting...", get_sequence_path()), UVM_MEDIUM) // The first way cfg_seq.start(p_sequencer.cfg_sqr, this); endtask bois_r_seq in cfg_seq.sv virtual task pre_body(); //uvm_resource_db#(uvm_reg_block)::read_by_name("env", "reg_block_bios", model); if (model == null) begin $display("model == null!!!"); end $cast(reg_block_bios, model); //if (!$cast(reg_block_bios, model)) begin //end endtask : pre_body v_sqr.sv my_hsequencer h_sqr[]; ... function void build_phase(uvm_phase phase); string inst_name; super.build_phase(phase); if(!uvm_config_db#(uvm_bitstream_t)::get(this, "", "host_num", host_num)) `uvm_fatal("NOHOSTNUM",{"host number must be set for: ",get_full_name(),".host_num"}); h_sqr = new[host_num]; for (int i = 0; i < host_num; i++) begin inst_name = $sformatf("h_sqr%0d", i); h_sqr[i] = my_hsequencer::type_id::create(inst_name, this); uvm_config_db#(int)::set(this, inst_name, "ID", i); end endfunction : build_phase h_sqr.sv function void build_phase(uvm_phase phase); string cfg_inst; super.build_phase(phase); void'(uvm_config_db#(int)::get(this, "", "ID", ID)); // instantiates sequencers and config_db cfg_inst = $sformatf("vcfg_sqr%0d", ID); cfg_sqr = my_config_sequencer::type_id::create(cfg_inst, this); endfunction : build_phase my_env.sv function build_phase(uvm_phase phase) ... v_sqr = my_vsequencer::type_id::create("v_sqr", this); for (int i = 0; i < host_num; i++) begin $sformat(inst_name, "subenv[%0d]", i); subenv[i] = sub_env::type_id::create(inst_name, this); uvm_config_db#(int)::set(this, $sformatf("subenv[%0d]", i), "subenv_id", i); end ... reg_block_bios = new[host_num]; for (int i = 0; i < host_num; i++) begin if(reg_block_bios[i] == null) begin inst_name = $sformatf("reg_block_bios%0d", i); reg_block_bios[i] = my_reg_block_bios::type_id::create(inst_name,,get_full_name()); reg_block_bios[i].build(); reg_block_bios[i].lock_model(); end end ... endfuction function void connect_phase(uvm_phase phase); string inst_name; super.connect_phase(phase); foreach(subenv[i]) begin v_sqr.h_sqr[i].cfg_sqr = subenv[i].cfg_agt.cfg_sqr; end ... // set_sequencer foreach(subenv[i]) begin if(reg_block_bios[i].get_parent() == null) begin reg2pcie_adapter reg2pcie = new(); //reg_block_bios[i].default_map.set_sequencer(this.h_sqr.cfg_sqr, reg2pcie); reg_block_bios[i].default_map.set_sequencer(subenv[i].cfg_agt.cfg_sqr, reg2pcie); reg_block_bios[i].default_map.set_auto_predict(1); end end ... endfucntion:connect_phase The VCS reports that "Null object access" error. I found that the model in bios_r_seq is null. But the model of bios_r_seq in test.sv is not null. Does anybody have some experience? Thanks in advance.
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