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Found 7 results

  1. how to randomize a vector of values without initializing the vector in a transaction. for example in pkt i have std::vector<int> vint; how do i proceed to add scv_extensions to it
  2. Hi folks, i'm looking for a tool to visualize tlm logs. I found this here (impulse from toem http://toem.de) - looks quite promissing ! But i'm not sure how to generate the required scv text data. Is this a the standard fomrat in TLM ? How to generate ? Best Regards, Kai
  3. Hi, I am using transaction recording with the latest version of SCV (version 2.0.1) and currently I am getting a segmentation fault. I have just searched for a list or something similar with known bugs but I haven't found one. Is there a bug list or a list of known problems somewhere? Regards, Thomas PS: I will create a minimal model in the next few days.
  4. Hi, It seems that the constraint solver has as issue with negative values. I tried this example: struct addr_constraint : public scv_constraint_base { scv_smart_ptr<sc_int<8>> row; scv_smart_ptr<sc_int<8>> col; SCV_CONSTRAINT_CTOR(addr_constraint) { SCV_CONSTRAINT ( (col() + row() == 10) } In this case I only got positive values for col and row. I tried playing with the constraint and tried the following: SCV_CONSTRAINT ( (col() + row() == 10) || (col() - (0 - row()) == 10) ); This constraint is identical to the previous one but no
  5. Hi, I have two problems: 1) I tried to implement multiplication constraint based on the one of the examples: struct addr_constraint : public scv_constraint_base { scv_smart_ptr<int> row; scv_smart_ptr<int> col; SCV_CONSTRAINT_CTOR(addr_constraint) { SCV_CONSTRAINT( (row())*(col()) < 50); SCV_CONSTRAINT( col() > 0); } }; When I try to randomize the values, the program keeps running and never stops. What might be the problem? 2) Is there any way to define more complex mathematical constraints? constraints on the square, log, shift, divi
  6. I start to learn SystemC and SCV. But I don't have much experience on complex Makefile as the one provided in the install package by SCV. It is too hard for me to understand who the files are really compiled. I am not sure if any one can provide simple Makefile template (Only Linux platform is OK). Thanks.
  7. Hi, I try to run the 'make check' of the scv-2.0-public_preview and it failed the test 'examples/randomization/constraints'. make constraints make[5]: Entering directory `/tmp/scv-2.0-public_preview/objdir/examples/randomization/constraints' g++ -fPIC -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I../../../../examples/randomization/constraints -I../../.. -I/tools/systemc/2.3.0/include -I../../../../src -I/tmp/scv -2.0-public_preview/objdir/include -Wall -Wformat -O0 -g -MT constraints-packet.o -MD -MP -MF .deps/constraints-packet.Tpo -c -o constraints-packet.o `test -f 'packet.cpp' || echo '../../../.
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