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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, for a uni-project I have to describe a 16bit adressing space main memory using structural view. Among others, I have two components (a decoder and a multiplexer) with arrays of 'sc_out<sc_bv<16> >' and 'sc_in<sc_bv<16> >' respectively. I used sc_vector for the declaration of those arrays. I finally use a module called Memory as a container. The compiling works all fine. But when I run the test i wrote for the module it halts at simulation start with this error: Error: (E109) complete binding failed: port not bound: port 'RAM_16.MUX.in_65535' (sc_in) In file: ../../../../src/sysc/communication/sc_port.cpp:230 Is this really related to wrong binding? It seems all well connected to me and I'm really stuck on this problem. I'm attaching the code for the above-mentioned files. //file Decoder_16.hpp #ifndef DECODER_16_HPP #define DECODER_16_HPP #define RAM_SIZE 65536 #include <systemc.h> #include <iostream> SC_MODULE(Decoder_16) { sc_in<bool> clock; sc_in<sc_bv<16> > dec_in; sc_vector<sc_out<sc_bv<1> > > dec_out; void route(); SC_CTOR(Decoder_16) { dec_out.init(RAM_SIZE); SC_METHOD(route); sensitive << dec_in << clock.pos(); dont_initialize(); } }; #endif //file Decoder_16.cpp #include <systemc.h> #include "Decoder_16.hpp" //#define RAM_SIZE 65536 using namespace std; void Decoder_16 :: route() { sc_bv<16> tmp_in =dec_in.read(); sc_int<64> tmp = tmp_in.to_uint(); for (unsigned j=0;j < RAM_SIZE; j++) { if (j==tmp) dec_out[j].write('1'); else dec_out[j].write('0'); } return; } //file Mux_16.hpp #ifndef MUX_16_HPP #define MUX_16_HPP #define RAM_SIZE 65536 #include <systemc.h> #include <iostream> SC_MODULE(Mux_16) { sc_in<bool> clock; sc_vector<sc_in<sc_bv<16> > > in; sc_in<sc_bv<16> > sel; sc_out<sc_bv<16> > out; sc_signal<sc_bv<16> > sel_sig; sc_int<64> sel_dec; sc_signal<sc_bv<16> > data_sig; void select(); SC_CTOR(Mux_16) : in("in"), sel("sel"), out("out") { //Debug cout << endl << "DEBUG: Entered MUX constructor!" << endl; in.init(RAM_SIZE); SC_METHOD(select); sensitive << sel << clock.pos(); dont_initialize(); } }; #endif //file Mux_16.cpp #include <systemc.h> #include "Mux_16.hpp" //#define RAM_SIZE 65536 using namespace std; void Mux_16 :: select() { sel_sig = sel.read(); sel_dec = sel_sig.read().to_uint(); data_sig = in[sel_dec].read(); out.write(data_sig); return; } //file Memory_16b_RISC.hpp #ifndef MEMORY_16B_RISC #define MEMORY_16B_RISC #define RAM_SIZE 65536 #include <systemc.h> #include <iostream> #include "Decoder_16.hpp" #include "Cell.hpp" #include "And_1.hpp" #include "Mux_16.hpp" SC_MODULE(Memory_16b_RISC){ //Declaration of the inputs sc_in<bool> clock; sc_in<sc_bv<16> > addr; //input address <--- ALU output sc_in<sc_bv<16> > data_in; //input data <--- register file 'src2' output. sc_in<sc_bv<1> > write_en; //memory write enable <--- control unit 'we_dmem' output. sc_in<sc_bv<1> > read_en; //memory read enable <--- control unit 're_dmem' output. //Declaration of the outputs sc_out<sc_bv<16> > data_out; //output data ---> Multiplexer_3_2 'in3' input. //Signals Declaration sc_vector<sc_signal<sc_bv<1> > > sel_bit; sc_vector<sc_signal<sc_bv<1> > > read_line; sc_vector<sc_signal<sc_bv<1> > > write_line; sc_vector<sc_signal<sc_bv<16> > > mux_data_in; //Methods Declaration void Run(); //Submodules Declaration sc_vector<Cell> MemCell; sc_vector<And_1> read_and; sc_vector<And_1> write_and; Decoder_16 dec16; Mux_16 mux16; //Constructor SC_CTOR(Memory_16b_RISC) : MemCell("M1", RAM_SIZE), read_and("A1", RAM_SIZE), write_and("A2", RAM_SIZE), dec16("DEC"), mux16("MUX") { //Debug cout << endl << "DEBUG: Entered memory constructor!" << endl; sel_bit.init(RAM_SIZE); read_line.init(RAM_SIZE); write_line.init(RAM_SIZE); mux_data_in.init(RAM_SIZE); SC_METHOD(Run); sensitive << clock.pos(); dont_initialize(); } //~Memory_16b_RISC(); };//End of Memory Module #endif //file Memory_16b_RISC.cpp #include <systemc.h> #include <iostream> #include "Memory_16b_RISC.hpp" using namespace std; void Memory_16b_RISC :: Run() { //Debug cout << endl << "DEBUG: Run() has been called!" << endl; //Decoder gate port map dec16.clock(clock); dec16.dec_in(addr); dec16.dec_out.bind(sel_bit); //Multiplexer gate port map mux16.clock(clock); mux16.sel(addr); mux16.out(data_out); mux16.in.bind(mux_data_in); for (unsigned i=0; i<RAM_SIZE; i++) { //Debug cout << endl << "DEBUG: Entered memory mapping cycle!" << endl; //Cell port map MemCell.at(i).clock(clock); MemCell.at(i).wr_en(write_line.at(i)); MemCell.at(i).re_en(read_line.at(i)); MemCell.at(i).din(data_in); MemCell.at(i).dout(mux_data_in.at(i)); //Reading AND gate port map read_and.at(i).clock(clock); read_and.at(i).in1(read_en); read_and.at(i).in2(sel_bit.at(i)); read_and.at(i).out1(read_line.at(i)); //Writing AND gate port map write_and.at(i).clock(clock); write_and.at(i).in1(write_en); write_and.at(i).in2(sel_bit.at(i)); write_and.at(i).out1(write_line.at(i)); } return; } I can also provide code for the stimulus generation and for the test if that is needed for debugging. Thanks in advance for your help. Bear in mind that I come from vhdl training and I'm still kind of self-training in systemc after taking a course in c++ programming, so don't be too harsh on me : )
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