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Found 2 results

  1. Do fixed-size arrays not support .size()? Or, am I doing smthg wrong below? Running irun 13.1, I am told that .size() "is not a valid built in method name for this object". If they do not, is this b/c a. the expectation is that someone used a parameter/constant to specify the size of the array and that they can just use it everywhere else they might need it b. fixed sizes arrays were part of pre-SystemVerilog Verilog and as such missed this convenient feature. ? Just before publishing, I discovered section "20.7 Array querying functions" in the 1800-2012.pdf, SystemVerilog spec: $size() module top; int farray[10]; //fixed array initial begin //1 for (int jjj=0; jjj<10; jjj++) begin //works /*2*/ for (int jjj=0; jjj<farray.size(); jjj++) begin //doesn't work //3 for (int jjj=0; jjj<$size(farray); jjj++) begin //works farray[jjj] = $urandom_range(121,0); end $display("******************************"); for (int jjj=0; jjj<10; jjj++) begin $display("%0d: %0d",jjj,farray[jjj]); end end endmodule : top
  2. Below I define a uvm_scoreboard. Why will this not compile when I remove the (3) lines THIS AND THAT? Should it? `uvm_analysis_imp_decl(_rcvd_pkt) //THIS class dpx_rr_scoreboard extends uvm_scoreboard; `uvm_component_utils(dpx_rr_scoreboard) virtual function void write_rcvd_pkt(input some_trans t); //AND THAT endfunction : write_rcvd_pkt //AND THAT endclass : dpx_rr_scoreboard I am using irun 12.X and get the following error when I remove the aforementioned lines: class dpx_rr_scoreboard extends uvm_scoreboard; | ncvlog: *E,FAABP1 (/user/posedgeclk/tb/dpx_rr_scoreboard.svh,25|46): task, function, or assertion instance does not specify all required formal arguments [10.2.2][10\ .3(IEEE)]. I poked around in the uvm class library just a bit, but did not figure this out. Any ideas? Is this a uvm thing or Cadence thing (trying to enforce that I write sensible code) or just fooling thing on my part? I am asking Cadence directly as well, but wanted to throw this out to the crowd. **I am just trying to get a shell of a scoreboard compiling, and don't care that it doesn't do anything yet. Let's ignore the fact that I don't have uvm_analysis_imp_rcvd_pkt created.
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