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Found 3 results

  1. In my simulation, I found the following UVM Report Summary. --- UVM Report catcher Summary --- Number of demoted UVM_FATAL reports : 0 Number of demoted UVM_ERROR reports : 0 Number of demoted UVM_WARNING reports: 0 Number of caught UVM_FATAL reports : 0 Number of caught UVM_ERROR reports : 0 Number of caught UVM_WARNING reports : 0 --- UVM Report Summary --- Quit count : 0 of 1 ** Report counts by severity UVM_INFO : 688 UVM_WARNING : 0 UVM_ERROR : 0 UVM_FATAL : 1 Can anyone help me what UVM-FATAL is, how serious it is, and how this can be solved? Thanks.
  2. What is the easiest way to get my simulation to die upon reaching the first UVM_ERROR? (I suppose the reporting class could be extended and overridden, or something like that, but if it gets too complicated (as this is not smthg I expect to do much), I'll just temporarily change the offending statements to `uvm_fatals....which is what I just did.) Is there a built-in switch or define that I can override at the command line?
  3. To circumvent UVM calling on $finish directly when completing normally, one would override "finish_on_completion" to 0 before calling "run_test()". What I do is: uvm_top.finish_on_completion = 0; run_test(); $finish(2); The last statement tells the tool to publish useful simulation statistics such as total run time, memory used, etc. This information is very useful in monitoring large batches of simulations for many purposes, among which is farm optimisation and debugging bad code consuming lots of memory. However, when UVM_FATAL is invoked, effectively a $finish(1) is called - and the above-mentioned information is thrown away. Is there a way to overcome this and get UVM to call $finish(2) or at least allows this to be customised? Probably via a uvm_config_db::set() and uvm_config_db::get() ? Or perhaps I am not aware of something that already allows this? A work-around would be avoid using UVM_FATAL and use UVM_ERROR with a following $finish(2) - but this is clumsy and widespread change is required. Thanks
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