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Found 8 results

  1. Hi I am working on a project where I have been handed over an xml file that contains details on all the registers. I am guessing it to be Spirit 1.0 for the file begins with <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <map> With no prior experience with IP-XACT or any spreadsheet style, I am guessing that this might not be Spirit at all. However, I took my chances and downloaded the xsl(s) for up-conversion available at the following link: http://www.accellera.org/images/downloads/standards/ip-xact/update_scripts.zip I ran the convert_ns.pl using perl convert_ns.pl "ipfile.xml" "opfile.xml" and this returned no errors. I can do the same thing with convert_ns1.5.pl script too. And I get an output, just that I do not know if this is the correct output in the desired IP-XACT format. I am guessing it is not, because the latter script points only as far as 1.5 in the string. I don't know if I have to use the xsl file: from1685_2009_to_1685_2014.xsl in the script and if yes, how. Or try and change the string in the script to point to 1685-2014. Please help me here. Thanks Edit: There are no changes in the output file.
  2. Hi, I might be asking very basic question as I have just started with IP-XACT. When I try reading the component file in my tool and the busdefinition is in some other directory it throws an error saying this data with VLNV couldn't found, How Do I include the busdefinition xml in component xml? Thanks
  3. Hi all, I'm using vendors' tool to generate register models. I wanna know how to describe one address-block is instantiated multiple times in IP-XACT. For example, there are 2~4 instances of the same DMA engine module in my testbench. Which schema can I use to describe this? The further question is how to group address blocks in IP-XACT? For example, I have a bridge-similar module BRDG(have registers) will be instantiated to more than 20 IPs of SOC. I wanna the generated uvm register model combine each BRDG with related IP in one uvm_reg_block. How to describe this in IP-XACT? Currently, i'm using script to deal with this. I want to know if IP-XACT native support this. Thanks
  4. Hi! I'm wondering if the standard Leon2 example for IP-XACT 2009 is still obtainable? Doing my master thesis on IP-XACT, but few tools seem to support IEEE 1685-2014. I've got a version of Leon2 through Magillem, but it does not seem to be the bog standard. BR Eirik
  5. Hello Accellera Forum, I'm trying to execute the IP-XACT example of the Leon2 on the accellera page. I'm using systemc2.3.1 on windows8 with cygwin gcc 4.8.3. I try to run the makefile in the directory TLM2, but I´m getting following error: Makefile:130: recipe for target '../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/uart_tac/1.0/tlmsrc/src/tlmreg_Leon2_uart.o' failed make: [../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/uart_tac/1.0/tlmsrc/src/tlmreg_Leon2_uart.o] Error 127 (ignored) g -m32 -O3 -fpermissive -DVERBOSE_GLOBAL -Wno-deprecated -DSC_INCLUDE_DYNAMIC_PROCESSES -I/cygdrive/c/systemc-2.3.1/include -I/cygdrive/c/systemc-2.3.1/include/tlm -I/include -I/devkit/tlm/include -I/devkit/tlm_message/include -I/devkit/tlm_utilities/include -I/protocol/tlm_tac/include -I../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/PV -I../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/ahbbus/1.4/tlmsrc -I../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/ahbram/1.4/tlmsrc -I../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/apbmst/1.4/tlmsrc -I../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/apbbus/1.4/tlmsrc -I../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/cgu/1.4/tlmsrc -I../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/rgu/1.4/tlmsrc -I../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/dma/1.4/tlmsrc -I../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/irqctrl/1.4/tlmsrc -I../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/processor/1.4/tlmsrc -I../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/timers/1.4/tlmsrc -I../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/scmlAdaptor/1.0/tlmsrc -I../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/uart_scml/1.0/tlmsrc/inc -I../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/serial_device/1.0/tlmsrc -I../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/pv2tac/1.0/tlmsrc -I../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/uart_tac/1.0/tlmsrc/include -I../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/SystemTLM2/apbSubSystem/tlmsrc -I../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/SystemTLM2/Leon2Platform/tlmsrc -c ../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/uart_tac/1.0/tlmsrc/src/user_specific_Leon2_uart.cc -o ../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/uart_tac/1.0/tlmsrc/src/user_specific_Leon2_uart.o make: g: Kommando nicht gefunden // Command not found Makefile:130: recipe for target '../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/uart_tac/1.0/tlmsrc/src/user_specific_Leon2_uart.o' failed make: [../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/uart_tac/1.0/tlmsrc/src/user_specific_Leon2_uart.o] Error 127 (ignored) m32 -o SystemTLM2 SystemTLM2.o bool2sclv.o ../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/processor/1.4/tlmsrc/processor.o ../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/ahbram/1.4/tlmsrc/ahbram.o ../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/dma/1.4/tlmsrc/dma.o ../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/cgu/1.4/tlmsrc/cgu.o ../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/rgu/1.4/tlmsrc/rgu.o ../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/timers/1.4/tlmsrc/timers.o ../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/irqctrl/1.4/tlmsrc/irqctrl.o ../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/scmlAdaptor/1.0/tlmsrc/scmladaptor.o ../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/uart_scml/1.0/tlmsrc/src/uart.o ../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/uart_scml/1.0/tlmsrc/src/uart_interrupt_handler.o ../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/uart_scml/1.0/tlmsrc/src/uart_register_bank.o ../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/uart_scml/1.0/tlmsrc/src/uart_serial_tx_rx.o ../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/pv2tac/1.0/tlmsrc/pv2tac.o ../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/uart_tac/1.0/tlmsrc/src/Leon2_uart.o ../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/uart_tac/1.0/tlmsrc/src/tlmreg_Leon2_uart.o ../../spiritconsortium.org/Leon2TLM/uart_tac/1.0/tlmsrc/src/user_specific_Leon2_uart.o -L/cygdrive/c/systemc-2.3.1/lib- -L/lib- -lsystemc -lModelingObjects /tac_metadata.o /tlm_*.o /bin/sh: m32: Kommando nicht gefunden. // Command not found Makefile:133: recipe for target 'SystemTLM2' failed make: [SystemTLM2] Error 127 (ignored) Could you please help me to get this example running. All other examples in systemc are running perfectly. Thanks, Ralph
  6. Hi Experts, 1.I have seen that Offsets of a Slave Module is described in the Memory Maps in Component Description. Is it possible to describe Offsets in the top design? The motive is to repeat various instances of a Slave Component in a design, each slave instance having a different Offset. 2. Also, I have a SystemC architecture in which I instantiate the same bus several times. But I connect each bus instance with a different number of modules. This is because the bus possesses MultiPassthrough Sockets. How can I reproduce it in IP-XACT? Should I have a custom Component for each bus instance(with separate BusDef and AbsDef ?) as each instance will have a different number of bus interfaces? How can it be done? Looking forward for your response! Thanks in advance, Venkatesh
  7. Hi there I couldn't find enough information about capturing whitebox information with respect to a register defined in IP-XACT standard. Could this be done somehow? The closest that could be found was WHITEBOX information with respect to models.(not registers) Though the register definition can be captured in IP-XACT XML, there isn't proper way to capture RTL implementation of a register in IP-XACT. Capturing RTL implementation of a register in IP-XACT XML would enable us to stitch UVM_REG backdoor access. (without vendorExtensions) We feel the urge/need to enhance IP-XACT standard regarding the same. Requesting thoughts regarding the same. Best regards Balasubramanian G
  8. Version 5.0


    This download contains a sample UVM environment that shows the use of IDesignSpec Free to generate a UVM Register Model. The input can be SystemRDL, IP-XACT, Word, Excel, XML etc. You can download the Free IDesignSpec Register Generator from here. You can use the included example as a ready reference to generate your own register model. You can use any or all of the IDesignSpec flavors: Word, Excel or Batch.
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