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Found 8 results

  1. Hi there IPXACT needs to capture array of registers properly in a design. Currently there is only one tag ''spirit:dim" to represent an array of registers. This does not enable us to capture an array of register effectively. Consider the following cases: 1. An array of registers can be one dimensional with each element offset by offset address 0x10. 2. An Array of multidimensional registers something like this: register_1[0][0] -> 0x0 register_1[0][1] -> 0x4 register_1[1][0] -> 0x10 register_1[1][1] -> 0x14 ... likewise Is there any way to capture jus
  2. I recently came upon an issue where attempting to write a memory via a backdoor yields a warning similar to the following: "reporter [RegModel] Memory 'tst_reg_blk.test_mem' is not contained within map 'Backdoor' (called from get_access())" In addition to the warning, it appears that due rw.map being overwritten (as explained in the second link), Read-Only memories can be written to via the backdoor, since get_access end up returning the default value of "RW". This appears to be in conflict with the Spec: Researching this warning turned up a couple prior forum posts from 201
  3. Hi all, There is one register model such as this: class R_r extends uvm_reg; uvm_reg_field vaule; ... endclass : R_r class A_R_file extends uvm_reg_file; R_r R; ... endclass : A_R_file class R_model extends uvm_reg_block; A_R_file R_f; ... endclass : R_model class my_r_seq extends uvm_reg_sequence; R_model regmodel; ... write_reg(regmodel.R_f.R, status, wdata); peek_reg (regmodel.R_f.R, status, rdata); ... endclass : my_r_seq R_r is write-only, when reading R_r via backdoor as above, VCS reports such an error. UVM_ERROR /EDA_Too
  4. Hi, I'm trying to perform backdoor access to uvm_mem. For some reason, the Xcheck_accessX function in uvm_mem, override my map with pseudo map. From this function: rw.map = uvm_reg_map::backdoor(); From uvm_reg_map: // Function: backdoor // Return the backdoor pseudo-map singleton // // This pseudo-map is used to specify or configure the backdoor // instead of a real address map. // I need an important data from my map (the uvm_mem base address). why to override it? How can I overcome this? Thanks, Dror
  5. Hi there I couldn't find enough information about capturing whitebox information with respect to a register defined in IP-XACT standard. Could this be done somehow? The closest that could be found was WHITEBOX information with respect to models.(not registers) Though the register definition can be captured in IP-XACT XML, there isn't proper way to capture RTL implementation of a register in IP-XACT. Capturing RTL implementation of a register in IP-XACT XML would enable us to stitch UVM_REG backdoor access. (without vendorExtensions) We feel the urge/need to enhance IP-XACT standard
  6. Hi Guys, I am using UVM Register model to mimmick RTL's register implementation. Some registers are not implemented in RTL which are going to be connected to output port of some other module. I have got a HDL path of register as an output port declaration of some module. Something like: The HDL path is: "tb_top.dut_u.interrupt_module_u.o_ext_interrupt" o_ext_interrupt is declared as output port inside interrupt_module, which is not connected to any other wire or register. Can this output port's value be changed by writing to it via UVM BACKDOOR ? I am using following A
  7. Hi, Please help with an issue about backdoor read\write to a register. Is it going to be fixed? When doing backdoor write\read to a register – the code (uvm_reg) uses the default map instead of the map the user gave in the write\read register operation: A. do_write gets rw with the correct map that the user wanted – rw.map. B. When doing backdoor write (1 below) , XpredictX (3 below) is called with rw.local_map (=null). get_access with null map is actually default map. C. Even If XpredictX was called with rw.map – it should make many warnings no matter what is the default map\which map
  8. The issue I have is the register model has multiple registers of different names but the fields within the registers are named the same. The register model is generated by a tool so getting changes made will take some time and I need a work around. I have a lot of registers so this is a big problem. class reg_0 extends uvm_reg; rand uvm_reg_field x; rand uvm_reg_field y; ...... endclass class reg_1 extends uvm_reg; rand uvm_reg_field x; rand uvm_reg_field y; ...... endclass I need to be able to access the fields in my scoreboard. The problem is the field is
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