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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, I am seeing following error when I try to assign array values using inline constraints Array size's and dimensions are same and array slicing is not there ,but still I see below error. Can somebody please through light on this error? Also suggest best practices class A_seq extends uvm_sequence #(id_nfc_tx_transfer); `uvm_object_utils(A_seq) `uvm_declare_p_sequencer(tx_sequencer) bit [7:0] data_byte[`MAX_DATA:0] ; function new(string name="A_seq"); super.new(name); endfunction virtual task body(); ///Array Initialization for (int i=0;i<=5;i++) data_byte= 'hAB; `uvm_do_with(req,{ tx_bit_rate_sel ==212; tx_num_of_bytes == 5; tx_data_byte == data_byte; }) endtask endclass Error :Randomization constraint has this error, which will cause the randomize function to return 0 and no new rand values will be set: Slices of unpacked arrays are not currently supported in this context
  2. Hi All, I have a scenario where i need to send n random bytes and out of n bytes i should able to corrupt few selected bytes. I have used Queue for selecting error bytes list. Transaction : rand bit [7:0] tx_data_byte[`MAX_DATA:0] ; // data byte array rand int unsigned tx_no_of_bytes_to_send ; // number of data bytes to send rand byte tx_err_bytes[$] ; //queue contains byte positions to be corrupted Example : consider i am sending 5 data bytes and I have to corrupt 2,4,5 bytes (corrupting data bytes is handled in driver) Sequence : `uvm_do_with( req, { tx_data_byte[0]=='h00; tx_data_byte[1]=='h11; tx_data_byte[2]=='h00; tx_data_byte[3]=='h99; tx_data_byte[4]=='h55; ///----------------- tx_no_of_bytes_to_send ==20; tx_err_bytes == {4,5,7}; }) I am seeing below error from the cadence simulator. Can somebody help me out in resolving this error . Error: Randomization constraint has error, which will cause the randomize function to return 0 and no new rand values will be set: This feature is currently not supported for queues, dynamic arrays, strings and associative arrays. Thank you
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