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  1. Hi Richard Thanks for your response. We have SoC designs where 2-dimensional arrays are implemented. The 2-dimensional arrays have two types of 'stride' values in them. 1st stride tries to increment address of the first dimension (consider this as COLUMN) 2nd stride tries to increment address of the second dimension (consider this as ROW) Example: REG_1[0][0]->0x0 REG_1[0][1]->0x4 REG_1[0][2]->0x8 REG_2[1][0]->0x10 REG_2[1][0]->0x14 REG_2[1][0]->0x18 COLUMN stride (=0x4) and ROW stride (=0x10) values make sure that each array element gets uniq
  2. Hi there IPXACT needs to capture array of registers properly in a design. Currently there is only one tag ''spirit:dim" to represent an array of registers. This does not enable us to capture an array of register effectively. Consider the following cases: 1. An array of registers can be one dimensional with each element offset by offset address 0x10. 2. An Array of multidimensional registers something like this: register_1[0][0] -> 0x0 register_1[0][1] -> 0x4 register_1[1][0] -> 0x10 register_1[1][1] -> 0x14 ... likewise Is there any way to capture jus
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