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  1. Hi, I got some problems with the systemc ams library, and came to a point where i run out of ideas what to do, where to search for solutions... I try to learn systemc-ams, and therefore i don't know too much about it yet, but i got some normal systemc examples done. Now i tried to do something with the ams-extension but i got following compile error: make all Building target: caes Invoking: GCC C++ Linker g++ -L/home/mks/systemc/systemcams/lib-linux -L/home/mks/systemc/systemc/lib-linux -o "caes" ./sine/main.o ./shiftreg/main.o ./lfsr/main.o ./first_counter/first_counter.o ./first_counter/first_counter_tb.o ./fifo-int-3/main.o ./fifo-int-2/main.o ./fifo-int/main.o ./cordic/main.o -lsystemc-ams -lsystemc /usr/bin/ld: error: /home/mks/systemc/systemcams/lib-linux/libsystemc-ams.a(sca_implementation_info.o): incompatible target sca_vcd_trace.cpp:470: error: undefined reference to 'sca_core::sca_version()' collect2: ld gab 1 als Ende-Status zurück make: *** [caes] Fehler 1 Anyone knows what to do about this? regards mks
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