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  1. I'd say it does not. Below you can see an example. I tried to attach it. But I am not allowed to. Raul #include <systemc.h> SC_MODULE(Testbench) { sc_trace_file * traceFile; sc_signal<bool> toggle_o; void toggle(); SC_CTOR(Testbench) { toggle_o = 0; traceFile = sc_create_vcd_trace_file("testbench"); traceFile->set_time_unit(10, SC_US); sc_trace(traceFile, toggle_o, "toggle_o"); SC_THREAD(toggle); } ~Testbench() { sc_close_vcd_trace_file(traceFile); } }; void Testbench::toggle() { while(true) { toggle_o = !toggle_o; wait(100, SC_US); }
  2. Hello everyone, I have noticed that when using the sc_time_unit (X, SC_US), the timescale in the resulting file is missing. SC_NS, SC_MS work well for example. The time marks are set correctly, only the timescale is missing. Output below. Best regards, Raul System: SystemC-2.3.0 on MSVS2010 SC_NS: $date Feb 28, 2013 13:37:30 $end $version SystemC 2.3.0-ASI --- Feb 22 2013 08:38:45 $end $timescale 1 ns $end $scope module SystemC $end $var wire 1 aaa HSS-PWM $end ... SC_US: $date Feb 28, 2013 13:42:21 $end $version SystemC 2.3.0-ASI --- Feb 2
  3. Thank you Philipp. It worked! /GR is VS2012 default, as I could detect. Greetings from Aschaffenburg, Raul
  4. Hello everyone, I have successfuly compiled SystemC-2.3.0 under VS2012. Compilation: For a system description and compilation, I had to enable static linking the following way, aside from configuring the include and library directories and the library name. Properties->configuration properties->C/C++->Code Generation Runtime Library set to Multi-threaded Debug (\MTd) After that, I was able to compile the simulation project. Execution: During execution, Windows throws an exception for the DCAST of line 359 on sc_thread_process.cpp. This is executed by the call to SC_THREAD(run)
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