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  1. Hello fellows Anyone now how to make a asynchronous reset on a SC_CTHREAD on SystemC 2.2. I saw that on the SystemC 2.3 the "async_reset_signal_is" was implemented for the cthread, but on the 2.2 it does not exist. Any idea on this topic can help. I need to use cthread because the code may be used on a high level sinthesis tool in the future. Regards
  2. Thank for the reply!!! I will extend the limit of my stack memory for now as a fast solution. In the future release of the code i will use some dynamic allocation. Once again thank you for the tips!!
  3. Hello, I was investigating the problem and it seems that the stack of my linux is limited to 10240 (ulimit -s). I don't ahve to much experience with the memory allocation but my question is: it is a better approach to modify the stack or to make dynamic allocation on my systemc program? the problem is tht if i have to modify the systemc the hand work will be very big. Thank you for the help!!!
  4. Thank you for the reply!! I will try to make it dynamically. If i have success i will comment. Regards.
  5. Hello fellows, I'm working on a big design and i am facing a "segmentation fault" problem. I debug it a lot but i am in doubt in how much big can be a port vector. For exemplo, an sc_in<double> input[1024] is too big to systemc handle it? Someone knows if the systemc has a limitation on the size of ports array? any information can be helpfull.
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