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  1. Hi, I'm trying to work with arrays of ports and signal using sc_vector. The code comiles fine, but I'm having problems when I try to run it. The code is: SC_MODULE(top0) { m_clkgen m_clkgen; m_arbiter m_arbiter; m_masters m_masters; m_masters1 m_masters1; sc_signal<sc_logic> m_clk; sc_vector< sc_signal<sc_logic> > m_request; sc_vector< sc_signal<sc_logic> > m_grant; SC_CTOR(top0): m_request("m_request"), m_grant("m_grant"), m_clkgen("m_clkgen"), m_arbiter("m_arbiter"), m_masters("m_masters"), m_masters1("m_masters1") { m_request.init(2); m_grant.init(2); m_clkgen.Clk(m_clk); m_arbiter.Clk(m_clk); m_arbiter.Request(m_request); m_arbiter.Grant(m_grant); m_masters.Clk(m_clk); m_masters.Grant(m_grant[0]); m_masters.Request(m_request[0]); m_masters1.Clk(m_clk); m_masters1.Grant(m_grant[1]); m_masters1.Request(m_request[1]); } }; If I run it, the following error occurs: "Error: (E549) uncaught exception: Access violation - no RTTI data!" Doing a step-by-step debugging, it seems that the problem arises from the SC_CTOR line (particularly with " m_request("m_request"), m_grant("m_grant")" ). Does anyone have any idea about what am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance! Best regards, Mário Lopes Ferreira
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