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  1. We have some different use-cases where SystemC models have to be created dynamically during application life time. According to our understanding, this is not officially supported. Our workaround is based on creating a new instance of sc_core::sc_simcontext and assign the instance to sc_default_global_context and sc_curr_simcontext. When having several instance in parallel, sc_curr_simcontext is assigned with the proper simcontext instance prior SystemC method invocations. The risk with this workaround is that sc_curr_simcontext is not mentioned in the documentation and might jus
  2. In README file of systemc 2.3.0, Windows 7 SP1, Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 (10.0) is listed as "has been well tested". On the other hand, in src/sysc/packages/boost/config/compiler/visualc.hpp: // last known and checked version is 1400 (VC9): #if (_MSC_VER > 1500) # if defined(SC_BOOST_ASSERT_CONFIG) # error "Unknown compiler version - please run the configure tests and report the results" # else # pragma message("Unknown compiler version - please run the configure tests and report the results") # endif #endif So which one is correct? I actually see many people are us
  3. No problem. I know there will be errors since I manually triggered it by "link 32 bits SystemC.lib with 64bits unit-test-projec". I just want to see what is the look of the error message. I finally fixed my project so it now links well with the 64bits SystemC.lib. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks a lot. That make sense. I also find that my self-build 64-bits systemc.lib can work with my unit-test-64bits-systemc-project. So the previous problem should be in the details of my target project (somehow large). :-) Yes I misunderstood the error message, in my unit test to link 32 bits SystemC.lib with 64bits unit-test-project, what I get is actually another error :-) SystemC.lib(sc_simcontext.obj) : fatal error LNK1112: module machine type 'X86' conflicts with target machine type 'x64'.
  5. hi, I tried to re-target the SystemC.lib to 64-bits windows system. What I did is, (1) Downloaded systemc-2.3.0 and extract it. (2) Opened the C++ project in systemc 2.3.0\....\msvc80\SystemC (within my Visual Studio 2005) (according to INSTALL: installation notes for Windows) (3) New x64 solution/project and copy project setting from Win32 (according to http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/9yb4317s(VS.80).aspx). (4) Build the new library within the x64 projects. In this way I can actually get new SystemC.lib from msvc80\SystemC\x64\Rel
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