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  1. In fact the fix is relatively simple, and will hopefully be in the next release (meantime, please find attached a small patch). The real question is why this inheritance structure was like this in the first place. Here's the PR rational: class tlm_put_get_imp <class1, class2> inherits private virtual from tlm_put_if<class1>, and tlm_get_peek_if<class2> tlm_put_if and tlm_get_peek_if are compounded class that are interfaces, which means that they (and their parents) have only pure virtual methods but these must be implemented because they are pure, so are th
  2. As Philipp says, there is now a rudimentary 'implementation' within the CCI code, but please be in touch with me @greensocs, if you would like to use our implementation which supports various configuration files etc. Cheers Mark.
  3. Hi Pruthvi, GreenSocs has an integration of Qemu and SystemC which might help you (www.greensocs.com), but I dont think this is the right forum to ask about device drivers. Cheers Mark.
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