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  1. Thanks Dave for your interesting solution. It is cool that we can use C++ to add new functions to a SV testbench.
  2. Thanks Zvi for your solution, but your solution requires passing the size of argument with it. It is too bad that SV is a rich language but it lacks such a trivial feature as already found in VHDL.
  3. In SystemVerilog we can have dynamic unpacked arrays and they can be passed to a function/task. I was wondering if there is a way to pass dynamic packed arrays to a function/task. For example consider the following code: module test; logic [3:0] A; logic [7:0] B; task automatic double(ref [3:0] val); val = val * 2; $display("%b",val); endtask initial begin A = 3; double(A); B = 5; //double(; ** Error because of size mismatch end endmodule here the task can only have a 4-bit input argument so if B is passed an error occurs. I am interested to know if there is any way to pass packed arrays of different size to a task/function. In previous example if the arrays were unpacked I could use: task automatic double(ref val []); but I have no idea what I should use for packed arrays. In VHDL having variable size input arguments is very easy. For example the same code can be written like this: use std.textio.all; entity test is end entity; architecture arch of test is procedure double(val: bit_vector) is variable temp : bit_vector(val'left downto val'right); variable l : line; begin temp := val sll 1; write(l,temp); writeline(output,l); end procedure; begin process variable A : bit_vector(3 downto 0); variable B : bit_vector(7 downto 0); begin A := "0011"; double(A); B := "00001111"; double(; wait; end process; end architecture; I appreciate any idea on this. Thanks
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