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  1. Hi Hash, I think I must have saved the file as ovm2uvm_migration.pdf. Its copied from cadence/this website ( not sure, as I was transversing all websites for any meaning clue to the UVM world).. But sure its a cadence doc, it has its name on it! . It has list of major code changes required for migration. Thanks Femi
  2. Hi Uwe, Yes I have used the "+UVM...SEMANTIC" option and +UVM_DEPRECATED the simulation still stuck at time 0. I think the main issue is that I get DEPRECATED warnings on my main sequencers that has uvm_seqeunce_utils (DEPRECATED), hence test wont run further. There is a contradiction with the uvm_users_guide_1.1.pdf (page 181 release date May 18 2011) which states that uvm_sequence utils should be used in place of uvm_component_utils because .... According to the uvm_migration.pdf all uvm_sequence_utils declaration should be converted to uvm_object_utils, and this is to migrate to
  3. Hi Hash, How did your test pass, if you've not actually done the code conversion from DEPRECATED to UVM compliance. Mine simulation gave all the usual DEPRECATED warning and just got stuck at time 0. Which version simulator/uvm are you using ? Thanks Hi Uwe, Does defining DEPRECATED allow the test to run normally or just compile/elaborate.. I am using cadence irun, do I need an older version of simulator/uvm ? Just a thought. Thanks BR
  4. Hi Again, Please can someone give idea of why/when of used of these comand line define options: i) When I ommitted both options compilation goes through but only get simulation warning regarding sequences being DEPRECATED.. Test doest run because of DEPRECATEDsequences(according to warnings...). ii) Using UVM_OBJECT_MUST_HAVE_CONSTRUCTOR results in errors. Why is this the case with UVM, otherwise no problems with test environment in OVM flow.. Thanks. BR
  5. The Ubitiquous CLEAN YOUR LIB.. That works a treat.. My compilation runs further now, just had to debug other non-compliant constructs like protected.. maybe some files that havent gone thru ovm2uvm script) .. Thanks .. but dont hold you breath.... I maybe coming back looking for more clues as per Newbies.. Cheers.
  6. Hi Mr Uwe, Thanks for a quick response... I triesd the option you gave now (which I tried before), but got the following error message: import uvm_pkg::*; ncvlog: E*,MULTPK .... MultipleMultiple (2) packages named "uvm_pkg" were found in the searched libraries: -> found verilog_package worklib.uvm_pkg:sv (VST) -> found verilog_package mydesign_lib.uvm_pkg:sv (VST). I think it compiles the uvm_pkg twice (once during the uvmhome declaration and also when its imported in test_top).. Where is worklib.. is this some kind of virtual lib? Once again thanks for helping.. While wa
  7. Hope someone can help here: Option 1a) Included in Compile file_list, uvm_pkg.sv, uvm_macros.svh and uvm.sv, all before top level test. 1b) Include uvm.sv in top level test.sv. 1c) Also included the directory paths to UVM_HOME, UVM_HOME/uvm_lib/src, just to make sure all options are available (always assume no-knowledge) 1d) irun without -uvmhome option ( if I use the uvmhome option then I get error relating to double declaration of uvm_pkg) option 2a. Same as 1c 2b. used irun -uvmhome $UVM_HOME 2c. toplevel test has include uvm.sv Error messag
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