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  1. Do you get any warning as covergroup "per_instance" option , by default, is set as 0. ?? i assume this must be there in log, please confirm this. i met with same kind of problem, and after banging my head for couple of days i got to know that for functional coverage this option need to set 1 there are 2 ways either you can set it from covergroup or through coverage configuration file. like this You can override the default behavior of covergroups by adding the assignment option.per_instance = 1; to your covergroup declaration. Or by adding a coverage-configuration file with the command set_covergroup -per_instance_default_one and passing it to the elaborator.
  2. Create() is a factory method which construct an object. To override an object you need to construct it using create(). if you use set_type_override then before run ,factory replaces constructed object with derived object( specified in override). if you use new() then you cant override.
  3. Hi i have a sequence which i need to run every time along with test sequence. so to avoid adding it to each test sequence i think of adding it to run_phase of virtual sequence, but sequences are not visible to sequencer, UVM user guide does like this ,how do i do this? or is there any other way to do this? Thanks
  4. I have a UVM agent which acts as a MASTER and generates transactions for a protocol. Command and data transactions are transferred on same data bus with command/ data select line. Command transaction have a HEADER format.I want to extend this agent for different type of HEADER FORMATS. agent does header packing in driver. For that i created a new sequence item extended from base sequence item, and did set type override in test case. as existing sequence take base sequence item as argument. i have created new sequence for new HEADER. but although i did set_type_override sequencer dosen't accept new type of item and gives error for new field inside extended driver. how can i solve this??
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