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  1. Hi there, While migrating from UVM 1.1a to UVM 1.1c, below error flashes: Error Out of bound access /uvm-1.1c/src/base/uvm_misc.svh, 273 Out of bound access on smart queue (size:0, index:-1) Please make sure that the index is positive and less than size. Its pointing into UVM file. If anyone has any idea please tell me. Regards, Rajneesh
  2. Use of Virtual keyword while declaration of a class makes it an abstract class, which means we can only extend this class but we can not create objects of it.
  3. Hi Sequencer is a stimulus generator which returns random data item when requested by driver. Using sequence we can add constraints to generate controlled randomized values of stimulus.. Transaction is the input to the DUT from driver component. Sequence -(provides control on distribution of randomized values)----> sequencer --(generates randomized stimulus when requested by Driver)----> transaction sent to DUT Thanks,
  4. Thanks for your reply. But with mti 6.6f version, the same sequence runs properly.
  5. Hello, I face below fatal error while using uvm_do_on macro in Modelsim 10.1c version. ** Fatal: Internal error: ../../../src/solver/slvACTContext.c (1084) My sequence is as below: class sample_seq extends uvm_sequence; `uvm_object_utils(sample_seq) `uvm_declare_p_sequencer(abc_virtual_sequencer) sample_abc_seq abc_seq; function new(string name ="sample_seq"); super.new(name); endfunction : new task body(); if( p_sequencer.abc_sequencer!=null) `uvm_do_on(abc_seq , p_sequencer.abc_sequencer); endtask endclass Can anyone help me to figure out the issue in this approach?? Thanks
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