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  1. I'm trying to cancel an error, in test.build_phase : set_report_severity_id_action_hier(UVM_ERROR, "PKT_ERR", UVM_NO_ACTION); but the error doesn't go away EDIT: problem solved: in test connect_phase if full hier given it works : env.href.set_report_id_action_hier(UVM_ERROR, ""PKT_ERR", UVM_NO_ACTION);
  2. `uvm_do_with(m_top_seq, {m_sub_seq.num_of_trans == 0;}) The above example results in a runtime null object failure for m_sub_seq Is there a way to overcome this without copying all m_sub_seq random variables to m_top_seq ?
  3. is there a way to set_rights of uvm reg for a specific map ? (like uvm_field) if no why not ? an alternative would be: reg.get_fields(field_q) foreach(field_q[i]) field_q[i].set_rights("RO") but why not allow modification of reg access directly ?
  4. both options using the wildcard (*) in the first argument work (but as mentioned don't cancel [RNTST]) 10x
  5. it's not working for me : What is _ALL_ ? the second argument is the message id, I tried other ID's and RNTST but it's also not working. I'm using vcs : vcs -sverilog -debug_all -f ../hammer_env.fl -ntb_opts uvm ../tests/hammer_base_test.sv \ -l hammer_base_test_build.log +uvm_set_action=uvm_test_top,RNTST,UVM_INFO,UVM_NO_ACTION \ +UVM_TESTNAME=hammer_base_test -R log: VCD+ Writer G-2012.09-SP1-1 Copyright (c) 1991-2012 by Synopsys Inc. UVM_INFO @ 0: reporter [RNTST] Running test hammer_base_test... although when I used set_report_severity_action_hier(UVM_INFO, UVM_NO_ACTION); it did work
  6. what arguments are passed to +uvm_set_severity in order to cancel all `uvm_info for all components ?
  7. I have this code in a sb : sb_comparer.sev = UVM_ERROR if(!expected_item.compare(received_item, sb_comparer) but even so all the messages are printed: UVM_INFO @ 8250000: reporter [MISCMP] Miscompare for tx2rx_sb_ I tried to check in uvm_comparer.svh : function void print_msg (string msg); result++; if(result <= show_max) begin msg = {"Miscompare for ", uvm_object::__m_uvm_status_container.scope.get(), ": ", msg}; uvm_report_info("MISCMP", msg, UVM_LOW); end miscompares = { miscompares, uvm_object::__m_uvm_status_container.scope.get(), ": ", msg, "\n" }; endfunction I cannot find were uvm_comparer::sev is taken into account. What am I missing ? (or is this a BUG in UVM)
  8. Observation: In uvm_reg::write() set(value) is called immediatly while uvm_reg::do_predict() is called at the end of the task. In a case where auto_predict() set and an analysis port sends collected transactions from the bus monitor to the reference model, the analysis port write method may return before uvm_reg::do_predict() is called . This will cause uvm_reg::get() to return the updated value but uvm_reg::get_mirrored_value() to return the old value.
  9. Does `uvm_do_with(REQ, CNST) take into considiration the default constraints in the class defenition ? From what I see it ignores those constaints. If so is there a way to solve this ?
  10. Is there a way to get all opposing phase objections ? (So if a test doesn't end I could invoke this function from ucli to get the opposing objections) I have tried running with +UVM_PHASE_TRACE but it's not exactly what I'm looking for.
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